Is a Natural-Looking Facelift Possible?

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One common concern people have about facelift surgery is that the results will look unnatural. This is an understandable fear. You may have seen photos of celebrities online with a pulled or tightened appearance immediately after their facelift procedure. The truth is that natural-looking facelift results really depend on your doctor. Award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Saba Motakef is excited to offer patients in Anaheim Hills, CA the outcome they really want. Learn how the professionals at Motakef Plastic Surgery + Med Spa can help you achieve your goals by reading below.

Make sure you are a candidate

Before planning your facelift surgery, we need to determine your candidacy. Unfortunately, some plastic surgeons will perform a facelift procedure without offering a comprehensive assessment first. This is what usually leads to unnatural results. Before you go under the knife, Dr. Motakef will ask about your health history and give you realistic guidelines about what to expect. Good candidates are generally healthy and avoid smoking for at least several weeks before and after surgery.

Make sure you discuss specific goals

A lot of planning goes into facelift surgeries. During a consultation with Dr. Motakef, you will also have the opportunity to discuss your concerns. This includes moderate to severe signs of aging around the mid-face and jawline. Sometimes, patients want to address deep lines and creases, while others suffer from loss of volume in the lower face. We will perform an examination of your unique characteristics to determine how best to move forward. Do not hesitate to ask questions or raise concerns along the way.

Evaluate your surgeon

We believe patients should have complete confidence in the team operating on their faces. An Orange County facelift professional should be reputable and produce proven high-quality facelift results. One way to evaluate a surgeon is to view before and after photos of their previous patients. This will give you a better idea of their skills and abilities. When visiting our clinic in Anaheim Hills, CA, you can request patient photos in our office. Here is a simple list of potential problems to look for when viewing these kinds of images:

  • Abnormal facial appearance

  • Stretched or distorted skin

  • Changes in the hairline

  • Excessively high brows

  • Excess scarring

Follow all facelift recovery instructions

Following all facelift recovery instructions is a crucial factor in getting the natural-looking facelift results you want. Motakef Plastic Surgery + Med Spa provides a list of medications to avoid to reduce excess bleeding after surgery, so make sure to follow it exactly. Ask a close friend or family member to drive you home and help with simple household chores. Getting plenty of rest will help with side effects, such as facelift swelling and bruising. Expect to miss a few weeks of work and time away from your normal routine.

Schedule an Orange County facelift

No matter how well we take care of our skin, some signs of aging are inevitable. An Orange County facelift can slow the aging process and help you achieve a refreshed appearance. If you want to learn about getting a natural-looking facelift, contact Dr. Saba Motakef at Motakef Plastic Surgery + Med Spa. We have years of experience performing successful facelifts for patients in Anaheim Hills, CA.

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